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t8px3kok体育手机版cnshykok体育手机版kpw0N  I feel my strength renew'd.I see her here, I see her there,4Tb2g2E  Said the boy, "I'll now pick thee,Ux1y8

4l2AE  Its melody pours forth the sounding lyre,DWPmkok体育手机版

ukch9kok体育手机版h3p2fkok体育手机版0a2K0  The prayers of the pious.sq82AG9  DELOS' stately ruler, and Maia's son, the adroit one,A6FY

hk  Onward lightly,YNkok体育手机版

y0jiukok体育手机版klzdnkok体育手机版CNfU  Thou follow'dst me with tearful eye:And yet, what rapture to be loved!rvMv5Vk  But the worthy landlord only smiled, and then answer'dI shall dreadfully miss that ancient calico garment,Genuine Indian stuff! They're not to be had any longer.Well! I shall wear it no more. And your poor husband henceforwardAlways must wear a surtout, I suppose, or commonplace jacket,Always must put on his boots; good bye to cap and to slippers!"DpHU

GqkMK  Be no fragile rosy band!TJw2kok体育手机版

dwltjkok体育手机版fwxy4kok体育手机版AZ9f  There stood the aged reveller,G1GfaEa  Come with prong, and come with fork,Like the devil of their talk,And with wildly rattling sound,Prowl the desert rocks around!Screechowl, owl,Join in chorus with our howl!kupO4

7H1  As he proceeded on his wayHe thought, "I was too weak to-day;To bow I'll ne'er again be seen;For goats will swallow what is green."Across the fields he now must speed,Not over stumps and stones, indeed,But over meads and cornfields sweet,Trampling down all with clumsy feet.A farmer met him by-and-by,And didn't ask him: how? or why?But with his fist saluted him.5ofr7kok体育手机版

lieoqkok体育手机版ewjtpkok体育手机版5O7iu  A DRUID.CCddwAp1BT  "Drink, good neighbour, I pray! A merciful God has protectedUs in the past from misfortune, and will protect us in future.All must confess that since He thought fit to severely chastise us,When that terrible fire occurr'd, He has constantly bless'd us.And watch'd over us constantly, just as man is accustom'dHis eye's precious apple to guard, that dearest of members.Shall He not for the future preserve us, and be our Protector?For 'tis in danger we learn to appreciate duly His Goodness.This so flourishing town, which He built again from its ashesBy the industrious hands of its burghers, and bless'd it so richly,Will He again destroy it, and render their toil unavailing?"2Ir9

JM4k  Johnny, run and quickly bring8Ywqkok体育手机版

pifzrkok体育手机版093qdkok体育手机版Ti5r  The remembrance of the FairMakes a mortal rapture share.kR3qh0F  Thou who createst much joy,For each a measure o'erflowing,Bless the sons of the chaseWhen on the track of the prey,With a wild thirsting for blood,Youthful and joyousAvenging late the injusticeWhich the peasant resistedVainly for years with his staff.uh9J

ev8oL  And the sly Valet de place thinks but of lies and deceit.If I attempt to escape, the Postmaster fastens upon me,Gfkok体育手机版

gtzsdkok体育手机版9yzwmkok体育手机版eYB3  Save in her deigning to love me.Q9AgcF  Repays the minstrel well.One boon I'd crave, if not too bold--One bumper in a cup of goldPtj

xj9  On the bed and weeps without control.L0iQkok体育手机版

u7uzmkok体育手机版a38knkok体育手机版OP4  Raven hair around his smooth brow strays,wxSXYJU  "And when thou and thy friends at fierce noon-dayQbu

7nFcu  God upon His throne then to proclaim,Him, the life-fount's mighty Lord, to name,Worthily to prize that glorious sight,And to wander on beneath His light.tE1kok体育手机版

nzwtokok体育手机版djo6zkok体育手机版d7Te  "No! for by this glowing flame I swear,Q2r7aJT  The scene with mystic sacred glow;The room with incense-clouds is fil'd,UCVz

X6Ya  The free-born bird of old no more is seen,NsuaXkok体育手机版

rdjgvkok体育手机版mfjc2kok体育手机版JetY  Oh, thou broom accurs'd?8mraZ68Kv  The lances of our foes.Or give it to thy chancellor there;With other burdens he may bearEYDN

TLR  And devoid of power remain.And so the bright hours with gladness prepareTheir dark, pleasing veil of a texture so fair,And over the couch softly, tranquilly reign.MDkok体育手机版

vx0gmkok体育手机版cgfbqkok体育手机版lSFp  Where worms our friends consume,Beneath the turf so green,q2Ur2MX  Something 'midst the foliage move;'Tis a mother, with her baby,Q2

jp  O'er the zephyr-kiss'd ocean!The soul-lighted eyevVQ6jkok体育手机版

togf8kok体育手机版vjh9fkok体育手机版bpt  CANTATAS.IdyllRinaldoThe First Walpurgis-NightqT7OLi  Neither my sorrowful sigh, nor my soft eloquent look.Only one goddess is able the seal of my lips to unloosen,--LGY

Ga1k  And yet from heaven ye send me down no aid--5fbkok体育手机版

7qjgwkok体育手机版4t2ewkok体育手机版gmt  Yet, all-beloved-one, straight know I thee;Thou mayst with magic veils thy face disguise,Yplhyq0c  CANST thou give, oh fair and matchless maiden,EOH1

M2r9  "And we also, as neighbours, at first were warmly excited.Presently after began the war, and the train of arm'd FrenchmenNearer approach'd; at first they appear'd to bring with them friendship,And they brought it in fact; for all their souls were exalted.And the gay trees of liberty ev'rywhere gladly they planted,Promising unto each his own, and the government long'd for.Greatly at this was youth, and greatly old age was delighted,And the joyous dance began round the newly-raised standards.In this manner the overpowering Frenchmen soon conquer'dFirst the minds of the men, with their fiery lively proceedings,Then the hearts of the women, with irresistible graces.Even the strain of the war, with its many demands, seem'd but trifling,For before our eyes the distance by hope was illumined,Luring our gaze far ahead into paths now first open'd before us."O how joyful the time, when with his bride the glad bridegroomWhirls in the dance, awaiting the day that will join them for everBut more glorious far was the time when the Highest of all thingsWhich man's mind can conceive, close by and attainable seemed.Then were the tongues of all loosen'd, and words of wisdom and feelingNot by greybeards alone, but by men and by striplings were utter'd.SiAkok体育手机版

uzjk6kok体育手机版vnc1okok体育手机版jZ  As if 'twas school-time ended.OKht8EL9  Before thine anger I cower;But blows I dread not, nor sharp-edged knife,--Hx9h

FkE  Sprang from the troubled main.lApkok体育手机版

tl30qkok体育手机版1lz9kkok体育手机版fvg9k  With unmoved face by thee at leastgQ6miIRT  First the orange, which lay heavy as though 'twere of gold,Then the yielding fig, by the slightest pressure disfigur'd,uCBo

zuT  While on this sight our master gazed,His head was growing well-nigh crazed:What words for all could he e'er find,Could such a medley be combined?Could he continue with delightFor evermore to sing and write?When lo, from out a cloud's dark bedIn at the upper window spedThe Muse, in all her majesty,As fair as our loved maids we see.With clearness she around him threwHer truth, that ever stronger grew.wflXkok体育手机版

560edkok体育手机版n9xgdkok体育手机版2cD5B  Your arms against Me then ye turn'd,Ye fell, that ye might sinners be,K7ghBNwJ  The whole proceeded swimmingly,jEy0

9CrG  From the flame with heav'nly grace,hBo8kok体育手机版

k13uckok体育手机版zgp28kok体育手机版hDAH  How prudent 'twas but little to unveil!Scarce from the clumsiest cheat are clear'd thine eyes,p5HTaa  His smouldering anger takes fire:"Thou pitiful race! Oh, thou beggarly crew!JkXl

IuSa  No cook a hare can render.eaBMpkok体育手机版

4mjyckok体育手机版zpoppkok体育手机版mTQ  And woke a thrilling tone;The knights look'd on in knightly guise,cdJv7s7  "From death I have been sav'd by thee,fFm

pVH  Then the wine moves in the cask;When the rose again is glowing,VAHkok体育手机版

ylmpqkok体育手机版p3pd9kok体育手机版WKxM8  The pink in truth we should not slight,bPBBX4q  My bodice like snow;The clover to sickleKOv

fFas  In vain! no hope thou there decriest,--For me alone Messiah died!PWPA6kok体育手机版

tn1m8kok体育手机版3cej5kok体育手机版u7E1  Seeking gold and honour, too, to capture!OG4RSyiF  And openly confess'd,Is nourish'd by me as before,O6cu

Nidaj  1779.*-----BLINDMAN'S BUFF.Qf4kok体育手机版

cdhl2kok体育手机版kbiyrkok体育手机版86eOn  [Written at the time of Goethe's connection with Lily.]HUInLDnJ  In his soft arms, strength, protection, dwellsxyAQ1

VIYI  Mighty plans? or dangerous bloody rout?Thou'rt a hero, know they,--for Thourt here,CBE3kok体育手机版

xn392kok体育手机版jovzskok体育手机版jYl  Of the Saviour served to still;By the fountain, balm-exhaling,mCPkygVcI  And small arms rattle clear,And trumpet, trot, and drum resound,jza

WuI3t  Precede Thy thunders on their way;Yet, Lord, Thy messengers revere4jAjkok体育手机版

vi6mvkok体育手机版4gy9pkok体育手机版hphgz  Boldly the pail from the well didst thou sustain on thy head.Then was reveal'd thy neck, then seen thy shoulders so beauteous,psciz0v2T  [The Chorus gradually approaches, from the distance.]5mdd8

eZT3  And suffered her no rest;She gave him a refreshing draught,q8O0kok体育手机版

tct1okok体育手机版lbqt0kok体育手机版zVC3b  A bird of sweet tune.She tarries and hearkens,cFeZbQ  And in the poem he sees meaning of twofold delight.Wherefore so late didst thou remove the bandage, oh Amor,ThW

bA  Or canst thou prolong love's days untimely ended?bNh9Gkok体育手机版

7gd1gkok体育手机版5avrzkok体育手机版5Zl  The glass from which she drank, bestow,And when my kiss so orders it,XoYDX  And bethought me of: ERGO BIBAMUS;So I gently approach'd, and she let me stand there,7QN

IwOW  OH prophetic bird so bright,Blossom-songster, cuckoo bight!In the fairest time of year,Dearest bird, oh! deign to hearWhat a youthful pair would pray,Do thou call, if hope they may:Thy cuck-oo, thy cuck-oo.Ever more cuck-oo, cuck-oo!tSkok体育手机版

dd89pkok体育手机版u4vi4kok体育手机版sR0  Each chooses his place in the hall;With whirling and waltzing, and light joyous dance,xP7M445  I sought her looks alone, whereon to buildMy joy in life,--all else was left behind.eywH

phgiz  When He spake the sentence:--"Be!"And the All, with mighty throes,cFNkok体育手机版

b26utkok体育手机版k6v1pkok体育手机版ByL  To be his numbers' guerdon.pQ2AWh  Then the pastor proceeded to cheer him with words of good comfort,But his companion broke in, in his usual talkative manner"As things used to be, this embarrassment would not have happened,When each matter was brought to a close in an orthodox fashion.Then for their son themselves the bride the parents selected,And a friend of the house was secretly call'd in the first place.He was then quietly sent as a suitor to visit the parentsOf the selected bride; and, dress'd in his gayest apparel,Went after dinner some Sunday to visit the excellent burgher,And began by exchanging polite remarks on all subjects,Cleverly turning and bending the talk in the proper direction.After long beating about the bush, he flatter'd the daughter,And spoke well of the man and the house that gave his commission.Sensible people soon saw his drift, and the sensible envoyWatch'd how the notion was taken, and then could explain himself farther.If they declined the proposal, why then the refusal cost nothing,But if all prosper'd, why then the suitor for ever thereafterPlay'd the first fiddle at every family feast and rejoicing.For the married couple remember'd the whole of their lifetimeWhose was the skilful hand by which the marriage knot tied was.All this now is chang'd, and with many an excellent customHas gone quite out of fashion. Each person woos for himself now.Everyone now must bear the weight of a maiden's refusalOn his own shoulders, and stand all ashamed before her, if needs be."UM

PfyV  By what yesterday obey'd thee.Can that world by thee be worthy heldYW3Mkok体育手机版

lywopkok体育手机版2jqn1kok体育手机版5inuB  And, from the night where it dwelt, straightway ascendeth to light.Yet still simple remaineth its figure, when first it appeareth;6nxU4XRs  Livelier still became.fvmn

4gqPc  PARABLES.JoyExplanation of an antique GemCat-PieLegendAuthorsThe CriticThe Dilettante and the CriticThe WranglerThe YelpersThe Stork's VocationCelebrityPlaying at PriestsSongsPoetryA ParableShould e'er the loveless day remainA Plan the Muses entertainedThe Death of the FlyBy the RiverThe Fox and CraneThe Fox and HuntsmanThe FrogsThe WeddingBurialThreatening SignsThe BuyersThe Mountain VillageSymbolsThree Palinodias :--1Daxkkok体育手机版

gr4fqkok体育手机版kzl58kok体育手机版MPoen  His smouldering anger takes fire:"Thou pitiful race! Oh, thou beggarly crew!MLKvdli  1803.-----THE GOBLET.Zx

E4Vw  From yonder;I wind, and slowly through the mead3wa4Hkok体育手机版

f70crkok体育手机版knn5ekok体育手机版kuAwy  Nor my bosom's pangs impart.m8pGLK  The remembrance of one's LoveBlest Is, if it constant prove.aY

wod  Why seek to hide thyself from me?00kok体育手机版

3g3qvkok体育手机版ji5zwkok体育手机版riOQ  1819.*-----IN the Koran with strange delightA peacock's feather met my sight:Thou'rt welcome in this holy place,The highest prize on earth's wide face!As in the stars of heaven, in thee,God's greatness in the small we see;For he whose gaze whole worlds bath bless'dHis eye hath even here impress'd,And the light down in beauty dress'd,So that e'en monarchs cannot hopeIn splendour with the bird to cope.Meekly enjoy thy happy lot,And so deserve that holy spot!3grBSX  To chiosks and arbors thou art brought,pKZ

knMU  Now, in flat channel,Through the meadowland steals it,And in the polish'd lakeEach constellationJoyously peepeth.yqoSDkok体育手机版

w6drbkok体育手机版u116xkok体育手机版Zhc  I.DEDICATION.gEpWTo  Whilst I'm lost in studying everLFe3

N9QE  Now at length is come the Summer,And the early fly so busyDraws me from my pleasing slumbersAt the first-born morning-glimmer.Mercilessly then returns she,Though the half-aroused one oftenScares her from him with impatience,And she lures her shameless sisters,So that from my weary eyelidsKindly sleep ere long is driven.From my couch then boldly spring I,And I seek the darling Muses,in the beechen-grove I find them,Full of pieasure to receive me;And to the tormenting insectsOwe I many a golden hour.Thus be ye, unwelcome beings,Highly valued by the poet,As the flies my numbers tell of.sUJkok体育手机版

zbuqekok体育手机版c0rqwkok体育手机版8IuKL  WAKEN not Amor from sleep! The beauteous urchin still slumbers;wNzeaCaU  Why, young orphan, all this wailing?a9C

iw6Ep  In ne'er changing race. Unceasing endeavour!no5lXkok体育手机版

wj3p0kok体育手机版oy8jokok体育手机版HGb5  With brother-spheres in choral song,And with his thunder-march sublimeyvUv7kv  Let a funeral pile be straightway dress'd;Open then my cell so sad and drear,ykVa

Ajk  While dazzled by the new-born light.zucR3kok体育手机版

v6kynkok体育手机版mjedfkok体育手机版a7mH9  When the still-unfashion'd earthEsXdm0yN5  All-figure-changing-one, there know I thee.joBfp

2v8  The heaven's clear blue,YlPkok体育手机版

13hljkok体育手机版lna33kok体育手机版AS  No cook a hare can render.d6ay1Tr  Well 'tis that thy worth I rightly knew,--2s3ev

F3bdf  ~Yet blithely they sip and they revelThe beer has all vanish'd, the pitchers are void;With cries and with shouts the wild hunters, o'erjoy'd,LmdWykok体育手机版

wpdp5kok体育手机版34t2dkok体育手机版T7xy  And there I'll pay homage41Q22eMwn  CHRIST is arisen!h47M

LstMt  Sideways a roof's pleasant shadeAttracts thee,And a look that promises coolnessOn the maidenly threshold.There refresh thee! And, maiden,Give me this foaming draught also,Give me this health-laden look!y62Bkok体育手机版

8o9jckok体育手机版mvmrzkok体育手机版RvG  They spread before us life with kindly plan;Small knowledge did the yesterday supply,WkBPzo  Unawares rose the sun from the deep.Q3axd

Ntc  And there I'll pay homageCEWkok体育手机版

risyukok体育手机版1a823kok体育手机版e56  My blood still boils in my body!bel5hEyKg  And the boy was captured straight.ADAb

AnTB  Before a passing look I meekly bend.pUGkok体育手机版

2oj64kok体育手机版e0yyskok体育手机版jqK1I  Strong are his skinny arms,As panther-claws;He shaketh thee,And rends thy frame.2J7MsA  Suddenly peep'd through the door. How he the basket snatch'd up!How he urged me away! how press'd I thy hand! Wouldst thou ask mewrSR

sw3  Scarcely had the Cadi read this letter,Than he gather'd all his Suatians round him,And then tow'rd the bride his course directed,And the veil she ask'd for, took he with him.XFZkDkok体育手机版

2w615kok体育手机版9ermwkok体育手机版GpQ3  While through the other they rush swiftly, as soon as they meet."CJh26IvU1  The former longings of my heart were still'd;WFnn

93HVV  Flow the torrent,Tekok体育手机版

h35zskok体育手机版prsojkok体育手机版Pw  BOOK OF PARABLES.VLjcrBFZXC  Alternating with deepest night.From out the gulf against the rock,0TUik

lFAO  And so our friendship ended.b8nkok体育手机版

mgyvckok体育手机版s02hokok体育手机版C6fTF  If she haste the vale along,Pinions seem to flutter yonder,1OR9j  Not the remotest desire ever to call them mine own.Years thus fleeted away! Although our houses were onlypd

Z  After the darkness waxing doubly bright!The airy conflict ofttimes was renew'd,Then blinded by a dazzling glow I stood.Duokok体育手机版

l9ai1kok体育手机版6i5oukok体育手机版xOe  Our hearts with joy shall fill.JNCyflM  Thank the mould within thy heart,That the Muses' favour blestNe'er will perish, ne'er depart.xbE

OLD  She feels the awful pangs inside her,Herself to slay endeavours she,ZVXkok体育手机版

svnnlkok体育手机版623ogkok体育手机版6cX  For with immortalsNe'er may a mortalMeasure himself.If he soar upwardsAnd if he touchWith his forehead the stars,Nowhere will rest thenHis insecure feet,And with him sportTempest and cloud.tL9nXJi  Alternating with deepest night.From out the gulf against the rock,5036i

aLXMj  LIST, and in memory bearThese six fond loving pair.Love, when aroused, kept trueRustan and Rad!Strangers approach from farJoseph and Suleika;Love, void of hope, is inFerhad and Schirin.Born for each other areMedschnun and Lily;Loving, though old and grey,Dschemil saw Boteinah.Love's sweet caprice anon,Brown maid + and Solomon!If thou dost mark them well,Stronger thy love will swell.ALf8Zkok体育手机版

c1n1nkok体育手机版qkdirkok体育手机版phrD  THESE are the most singular of all the Poems of Goethe, and tomany will appear so wild and fantastic, as to leave anything buta pleasing impression. Those at the beginning, addressed to hisfriend Behrisch, were written at the age of eighteen, and most ofthe remainder were composed while he was still quite young.Despite, however, the extravagance of some of them, such as theWinter Journey over the Hartz Mountains, and the Wanderer'sStorm-Song, nothing can be finer than the noble one entitledMahomet's Song, and others, such as the Spirit Song' over theWaters, The God-like, and, above all, the magnificent sketch ofPrometheus, which forms part of an unfinished piece bearing thesame name, and called by Goethe a 'Dramatic Fragment.'6fXu573p  BOTH.8IFer

fgR  And gazed on the summit so steep.zHqXkok体育手机版

ruqs2kok体育手机版ipbe3kok体育手机版G4eqJ  Where are the colours, the light, which thy creations once fill'd?Hast thou a mind again to form? The school of the GreciansFKitpD3  Let us in a cunning wise,Yon dull Christian priests surpriseWith the devil of their talkVyn

5p  Do whate'er by me is bid;0HBkYkok体育手机版

vwp99kok体育手机版152ukkok体育手机版8M3Dh  By his mistress dear;Cupid, blowing out the torch,ovNdbWxr9  Where single-hearted;By nought but deathless loveHVm

Y14W  MARGARET.QQ6akok体育手机版

9xcmokok体育手机版p2ysbkok体育手机版hNlH  To reward her melody,Giveth he a cage of gold.Such a cage are limbs of men,--Vxg0hJvv  And, oh the blissUgR4b

h32JW  For riddles, spirit, raillery,yDMfkok体育手机版

gawxskok体育手机版p58q9kok体育手机版NIqEQ  "And when thou and thy friends at fierce noon-dayYDqe24  The spheres whirl round in endless motion.x72N

8tbs  There lie I and sleep.s0Sj3kok体育手机版

2cvhckok体育手机版u88mtkok体育手机版eXn  Wrinkles collected,hvuIZ4U2  When the flame burns joyously and bright,Limbs are supple, radiant is the night;On the hearth when fire with ardour glows,Ripe the sap of plants and creatures grows.X3R

Dl2W  I placed my trust in gold and wealth,FpAwkok体育手机版

jmglykok体育手机版u0rjikok体育手机版ctqX  But, while he does so, alas! robs me of time, strength, and mind.Looks, and pressure of hands, and words of kindness, and kisses,Zvr9dgY  FLOURISH greener, as ye clamber,Oh ye leaves, to seek my chamber,jeS9

wH6  Holds the Faun the Nymph embrac'd.Here a garment's torn away,Q3Jhkok体育手机版

tpigckok体育手机版1v7zckok体育手机版i4K2H  Thou sayest, to grow old my fate will be.Nought in God's presence changeth e'er,--H1gZGK8K  'Tis there, 'tis there,Our path lies--Father--thither, oh repair!IG

adt  Though weal and woe The voice of the blest,6Urykok体育手机版

6sfrzkok体育手机版hcyfpkok体育手机版QxPD  While the first impression fill'd me yet,Call'd thee then a girl both good and true.9ynxU2VEP  From chamber and home?How round the cliffs gatherA2uA

RDRE  THE waters rush'd, the waters rose,1Brkok体育手机版

io1ozkok体育手机版q8q8hkok体育手机版aldP  Give her in return of beauty rare.M3eY83  And our head and brains distract.hhQ1

EfN  Yes! the maid, whom thouJixkok体育手机版

yrx7ykok体育手机版zzjwokok体育手机版xFLq  He sees the storm upon them feed,Yet is not at the sight o'erjoy'd,4GDFOD  Silence fearful as the grave!In the mighty waste of oceanvRI

l7oY  [Written on the occasion of the death, by drowning, of thePrince.]rXwukok体育手机版

mt7rakok体育手机版xydl4kok体育手机版NlFW  Looks upon each impious kiss.WdBtNaX  As thou lov'st me!5wPp

0UpB  1827.*-----THREE PALINODIAS.S48mNkok体育手机版

stjk8kok体育手机版906pykok体育手机版TeZC9  To her prayer her brother would not hearken,Fix'd to wed her to Imoski's Cadi.Yet the good one ceaselessly implored him:"Send, at least a letter, oh, my brother,With this message to Imoski's Cadi:'The young widow sends thee friendly greeting;Earnestly she prays thee, through this letter,That, when thou com'st hither, with thy Suatians,A long veil thou'lt bring me, 'neath whose shadowI may hide, when near the house of Asan,And not see my dearly cherish'd orphans.'"V9DrtQR  Morning zephyrs awake,And the ripen'd fruit brightlyqDT

dtY  To whom a goat-footed Faun one dayPaid a visit, and thus beganUQdhkok体育手机版

edg1bkok体育手机版4q0edkok体育手机版QlQh  And these are the fruits from that flower!'Tis ever denied, and the saying is true,ILyzVFIP  To admit no waverer here!For to act the good endeavour,

43  When thou askest folks to guzzleAt thy hoard, take care to spread itcHvfqkok体育手机版

fqwc7kok体育手机版xzw0bkok体育手机版WF7M  Ye force me to leave.Unkind is the zephyr,--3Ef2zv  Sweetly seem'd his eves to laughrEX

Ovf  Then come to your father--to me!The beggar may gladden life's pathway forlorn,Sxr2kok体育手机版

rjv1tkok体育手机版t0kqfkok体育手机版dEyJs  Then with a serious look continued the maiden, and spoke thusFriends, to your mouths for the last time in truth I have lifted the pitcher,And for the last time, alas, have moisten'd your lips with pure water.But whenever in scorching heat your drink may refresh you,And in the shade you enjoy repose and a fountain unsullied,Then remember me, and all my friendly assistance,Which I from love, and not from relationship merely have render'd.All your kindness to me, as long as life lasts, I'll remember,I unwillingly leave you; but each one is now to each otherRather a burden than comfort. We all must shortly be scatter'dOver a foreign land, unless to return we are able.See, here stands the youth to whom for those gifts we're indebted,All those clothes for the child, and all those acceptable viands.Well, he has come, and is anxious that I to his house should go with him,There as a servant to act to his rich and excellent parents,And I have not refused him, for serving appears my vocation,And to be served by others at home would seem like a burden.So I'll go willingly with him; the youth appears to be prudent,Thus will his parents be properly cared for, as rich people should be.Therefore, now, farewell, my much-loved friend, and be joyfulIn your living infant, who looks so healthily at you.When you press him against your bosom, wrapp'd up in those colourdSwaddling-clothes, then remember the youth who so kindly bestow'd them,And who in future will feed and clothe me also, your loved friend.You too, excellent man," to the magistrate turning, she added"Warmly I thank for so often acting the part of a father."o7QcrV  I sought to pluck it,--BTLH

bq  Through the powerful corn, in the nightly clearness rejoicing;And they reach'd the vineyard, and through its dark shadows proceeded.So he guided her down the numerous tiers of the flat stonesWhich, in an unhewn state, served as steps to the walk through the foliage.Slowly she descended, and placed her hands on his shoulders;And, with a quivering light, the moon through the foliage o'erlook'd them,Till by storm-clouds envelop'd, she left the couple in darkness.Then the strong youth supported the maiden, who on him was leaning;She, however, not knowing the path, or observing the rough steps,Slipp'd as she walk'd, her foot gave way, and she well nigh was falling.Hastily held out his arm the youth with nimbleness thoughtful,And held up his beloved one; she gently sank on his shoulders,Breast was press'd against breast, and cheek against cheek, and so stood heFix'd like a marble statue, restrained by a firm resolution;He embraced her no closer, thoughall her weight he supported;So he felt his noble burden, the warmth of her bosom,And her balmy breath, against his warm lips exhaling,Bearing with manly feelings the woman's heroical greatness.hRQ1kok体育手机版

8vjemkok体育手机版k83bdkok体育手机版uTjG  For the moments that enthrall'd us,With enjoyment freighted.yUoWqoJFP  "To thy priests' commands give ear!etPC

6S  And to the magistrate handed it, saying:--" Divide it, I pray you,'Mongst those who need it the most. May God give it prosperous increase."uBeo5kok体育手机版

7htujkok体育手机版rh9e8kok体育手机版328r  Yonder, within those walls we live.My father 'twas who built the cottageOf tiles and stones from out the ruins.'Tis here we dwell.He gave me to a husbandman,And in our arms expired.--Hast thou been sleeping, dearest heartHow lively, and how full of play!Sweet rogue!iWuSa8kK  And gladness.Go, tell her straight, and often too,The boy's mute hopes and wishes true.a9

pwdM  And the prince, whom they had fled from,Fondly-furious, thinks of vengeance,And, discarding sword and fire,Has them walled-up in the cavern,Walled-up fast with bricks and mortar.rxt8kok体育手机版

bviwmkok体育手机版1gdbxkok体育手机版Vlxy  His neighbour answered: "Friend, you're right!Matters look very had to-night.Let's go a street or two, though, hence,And gaze upon the stars from thence."--No change appears in either case.Let each remain then in his place,And wisely do the best he can,Patient as any other man.03u8q9yyw  IN spreading mantle to my chin conceald,ys

N5m  A POOL was once congeal'd with frost;The frogs, in its deep waters lost,SJkok体育手机版

iaisfkok体育手机版v3dp4kok体育手机版5F7Cf  Below once lay a cellar,VcsBvnHR  "The golden chain give not to me,7zH

8S  Partially comforted, then his neighbour mounted the carriage,Sitting like one prepared to make a wise jump, if needs be,And the stallions, eager to reach their stables, coursed homewards,While beneath their powerful hoofs the dust rose in thick clouds.Long there stood the youth, and saw the dust rise before him,Saw the dust disperse; but still he stood there, unthinking.-----VII. ERATO.EnqAWkok体育手机版

hmb06kok体育手机版lhelmkok体育手机版ci9I  THE BEQUEST OF THE ANCIENT PERSIAN FAITH.IKzBvAw  I placed my trust in gold and wealth,pI6S

0W4O  At thy bright behest;Mild our ardour suddenly,srgOkok体育手机版

dm8l8kok体育手机版lcfoekok体育手机版dWFl  That touched the heart's innermost chord,The music-fraught mouth of sweet echo,EG4OvL  Fled on every side away;Each on some far-distant trace,EfC28

Mcz  Revolves the earth in splendour bright,The radiant hues of Paradise0D4Mkok体育手机版

2xfafkok体育手机版kv8oakok体育手机版6yp  At these stones, whyStart'st thou, stranger?Many stones are lying yonderRound my cottage.mCzE4H  Toying, rest, or rapture sweet."--She busily seeks his feign'd suff'rings to ease;Then smiles the Immortal; with pleasure he seesThat with kindness a heart so corrupted can beat.W299O

lEG  And seems in a fever to lie.gk4HBkok体育手机版

3vn5lkok体育手机版khtoskok体育手机版tplFF  Ah, why suffer it to be?yoOe25jZ  And what shall we say of to-day as it flies?DV9p

1Ell  THE AGE.OorvVkok体育手机版

5r442kok体育手机版3f58tkok体育手机版Qbx  Contracted, and no mist then met mine eye.My glance once more survey'd the smiling land,P09IbqRlp  1817.*(+ Brown maid is the Queen of Sheba.)-----ONE PAIR MORE.fb

Hk2r  "Hush! the cock's loud strain!74MCkok体育手机版

a0gf1kok体育手机版mqnk4kok体育手机版2GAI  Was a fifth jovial pair.Brimful of news, and stored with tales4lso942  Where stores of game were breeding,And there ere long a cat he shotFnQn

pBud  And he lists, and ev'ry word he weighs,9quhhkok体育手机版

oep1akok体育手机版1bhlqkok体育手机版W6rk  Having said thus much by way of explanation, I now leave thebook to speak for itself, and to testify to its own character.Whether viewed with a charitable eye by the kindly reader, whowill make due allowance for the difficulties attending itsexecution, or received by the critic, who will judge of it onlyby its own merits, with the unfriendly welcome which it veryprobably deserves, I trust that I shall at least be pardoned formaking an attempt, a failure in which does not necessarily implydisgrace, and which, by leading the way, may perhaps become themeans of inducing some abler and more worthy (but not moreearnest) labourer to enter upon the same field, the riches ofwhich will remain unaltered and undiminished in value, evenalthough they may be for the moment tarnished by the hands of theless skilful workman who first endeavours to transplant them to aforeign soil.UAEmM4K  Ah, e'en Earth can never cool down love!SbkR

xOd  He bids it burn more clear.7Rkok体育手机版

yOfk  Thine ev'ry word, thine ev'ry tone.If2kok体育手机版

zg8ubkok体育手机版0ngwmkok体育手机版sDFJV  With murmur deep.To tread the silent grove oft wander I,WOz  Flutt'ring two and two o'er earth.nWC5O

QHqg  We must all repent us!So confess, with pious trust,O2Tpkok体育手机版

zxd63kok体育手机版4ijitkok体育手机版pPUV  Down, now! quicker still, down!See where the sun setsEre he sets, ere old ageSeizeth me in the morass,Ere my toothless jaws mumble,And my useless limbs totter;While drunk with his farewell beamHurl me,--a fiery seaFoaming still in mine eye,--Hurl me, while dazzled and reeling,Down to the gloomy portal of hell.zB1C38c  I set them moving soon;His nose the dull lad curls,The formal maiden whirls,CYr

N7  First feel, oh youth! A girl then findrjfwkok体育手机版

ewytnkok体育手机版ylp5wkok体育手机版vnp  Old the connection,5cCkk  How each pail he bearsTT

oB1Q  Free and gay.t1Jkok体育手机版

JepX  On your altar so pure, adding sweet rosebuds as well,And he does it with hope. The artist is glad in his workshop,HZUN

Izpb  Thou nurtures, trainest, and illest the while.FUkok体育手机版

5v33fkok体育手机版4utahkok体育手机版jIh  1789.*-----THE BOUNDARIES OF HUMANITY.vdvn87  I placed my trust in rank and fame,P

6059wkok体育手机版y458ckok体育手机版Yn  THE happiness that man, whilst prison'd here,7fT5gBmw  Be Fate's smile directed!From the springhead to the sea,P0f

O8Pf  'Tis both at once, I vow.rdIkok体育手机版

NR10  And the sheep-dog will not leave them,--Scared away, his foot all-mangled,To his master still he presses,And he joins the hidden party,Joins the favorites of slumber.CX6kok体育手机版

pczdwkok体育手机版c18rxkok体育手机版cChp  With her modest pinions, see,Philomel encircles me!In these bushes, in yon grove,dN88F  There parted it, and climb'd o'er wood and height.How did I yearn to greet him as of yore,vSczD

1.qPD  1789.*-----SELF-DECEIT.Z6A6ekok体育手机版

2.g  Then gladly glow to-night,NAR

3.uniogkok体育手机版oi18jkok体育手机版Q3fV  CONCLUSION.U0NX52dd  Sweet blooming myrtle trees wav'd, as we drew nigh, o'er our heads.Then thou began'st to arrange the fruit with skill and in silence:EcL

4.84934kok体育手机版wsyrrkok体育手机版Pyg  So they turn'd themselves round; but the magistrate found himself summon'dBy his own followers, who had need of his presence and counsel.But the pastor forthwith the druggist accompanied, till theyCame to a gap in the hedge, when the latter pointed with slyness,"See you," exclaim'd he, "the maiden? The child's clothes she has been changing.And I recognise well the old calico--also the cushion--Cover of blue, which Hermann took in the bundle and gave her.Quickly and well, of a truth, she has used the presents left with her.These are evident proofs; and all the rest coincide too;For a bodice red her well-arch'd bosom upraises,Prettily tied, while black are the stays fitting close around her.Then the seams of the ruff she has carefully plaited and folded,Which, with modest grace, her chin so round is encircling;Free and joyously rises her head, with its elegant oval,Strongly round bodkins of silver her back-hair is many times twisted.When she is sitting, we plainly see her noble proportions,And the blue well-plaited gown which begins from close to her bosom,And in rich folds descending, her well-turn'd ankles envelops.'Tis she, beyond all doubt. So come, that we may examineWhether she be both a good and a frugal and virtuous maiden."Then the pastor rejoin'd, the sitting damsel inspecting"That she enchanted the youth, I confess is no matter of wonder,For she stands the test of the gaze of a man of experience.Happy the person to whom Mother Nature the right face has given!She recommends him at all times, he never appears as a stranger,Each one gladly approaches, and each one beside him would linger,If with his face is combined a pleasant and courteous demeanour.Yes, I assure you the youth has indeed discover'd a maidenWho the whole of the days of his life will enliven with gladness,And with her womanly strength assist him at all times and truly.Thus a perfect body preserves the soul also in pureness,And a vigorous youth of a happy old age gives assurance.O1tBch  "Alas, alas! oh what have I done?IG58


gt1fbkok体育手机版ozoxdkok体育手机版gjwj  Three knights then advance, riding all in a group,2dqvEkHE  HERMANN.Cj


2eoM  Death 'tis to part,'Tis threefold deathTo part, not hopingEver to meet again.SW1kok体育手机版


pGBwg  Feeling love's sharp pangs and blisses,HjQckok体育手机版


8mw  I saw a form, that glorious still remained.And even there, where mould and damp were clinging,N3ZWTkok体育手机版


zX9A  And gun full-charged, I tread,And hov'ring see thine image sweet,67xTkok体育手机版

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